Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Parking Incentives for Alternative Fuel Cars!

In doing some research on alternative fuel grants, I was browsing the U.S. Department of Energy's "Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy" site. It has listings of grants and special programs for renewable energy. Under California's "Exemptions from Requirements/Restrictions" section I found a great parking deal if you're an alternative fuel or electric car driver!

For being a treehugging, progressive, forward-thinking, doomsdayist biodieseler or EV-1 Zealot, you get free meter parking in: Sacramento, Santa Monica, Hermosa Beach, and L.A.! Hybrids get free metered and metro lot parking in San Jose! Some people in the Bay Area might qualify for reduced or free tolls and HOV lane privileges! Of course, you do have to apply for them, display emblems, and jump through some hoops, but free parking in L.A. while driving Laura's homebrew B-100 burning, hippie-chic silver Jetta TDI Wagon? Sweet!
Check out these programs for alternative energy and put some of our government's money to good work!


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