Friday, November 09, 2007

Eglide Sector 9 Bamboo Electric Skateboard

I've never been much of a skater, but this baby from E-Glide makes me dewey weber electric skateboard
want to start! Built on a 46 inch bamboo pintail deck, this longboard includes a 400 watt electric motor and a trigger-style hand control that propels you from 0-20mph in 4 seconds and can go 15 miles on a charge. It also integrates electric brakes to keep you in control. Besides having an eco-friendly bamboo deck, this board is manufactured locally in Santa Monica, CA. We're using our bikes for local travel, but this would be a fun addition to the low-footprint transportation arsenal! At the Electric Cyclery they also have a variety other electric boards, electric bicycles, conversion kits, and electric scooters, plenty of relatively low cost short range ecopeoplemovers.


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