Thursday, July 06, 2006

Is Butanol The Next Big Biofuel?

As Terrapass subscribers, we offset the CO2 emmisions of our cars as well as keeping up on some news through their weekly reports. The latest discusses butanol, a newer biofuel getting attention across the pond in the UK. Butanol seems to have amazing potential, needing no modification to existing gasoline engines, unlike ethanol it can be transported in existing pipelines, and it supposedly generates 30% more energy than ethanol from the same amount of corn. Environmental Energy is a company currently working on building a "pilot plant" to further assess feasibility and hopefully ramp up to full production.
This seems to be a real alternative to ethanol - more efficient, able to use existing infrastructure, no modifications needed on cars. Now we just need a big company to pick it up for development - remember you big corporations, there is money to be had in sustainability!


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