Friday, August 11, 2006

New Anti-Hummer Bumper Stickers at the S.E.E.P. Store!

I'm slowly adding items to the S.E.E.P. store and seeing if there's a response. I may expand to a premium cafepress shop which allows me to have more than one version of products (right now I can only have one organic cotton shirt design in the store). Obviously inspired by the last post on McDonald's and Hummer toys, I made a new bumper sticker - you can finally "stick" it to all those Hummer drivers you see in parking lots and hopefully get a laugh.


Anonymous Gavin Warnock said...

Man, that is great. I will take a few...

5:07 PM  
Blogger Joshua Berman said...

Nice -- I've been looking for something just like this. I hope it's printed on really really hard-to-get-off sticky paper.

12:36 PM  
Anonymous Doinyourmomma said...

I drive an H2, guys like you attack guys like me becasue?

A. I am financially successful

B. I steal your women an have my way with them in the back of my H2

C. Realize that man made global warming is a crock of shit designed to give the liberals yet another mindless cause to drop out and tune in. Did you realize that 40,000 years ago Siberia was actually a green plateau? Do you realize that before the ice age, the northern hemisphere almost all the way to the pole was tropical and supported dinosaurs then a meteor came (an unearthly object) and caused the ice age. The northern hemisphere is simply trying to return to tropical.

C. Your obsession with the size of a Hummer owners penis? By the way, like 90% of the NBA and NFL drives them, we are well represented by members much larger than your Prius comrades. By the way, did you know that craddle to the crave, the Prius between R&D to disposal of all those toxic batteries uses almost double the energy of a monster H2? Look it up you tru polluter.

D. You are just dick heads without girlfriends and look for someone doing better than you to lash out at?

E. All of the above and if I catch you near my ride, I'll kick your ass in front of your girl then feed her what she really wants with my monster member in the back seat of my all leather heated upholstery. FU2!!!

1:41 PM  
Blogger edp3179 said...

This is to you, doinyourmomma:

Your financial success is wonderful but you are far from exceptional. 1.) I'm not surprised that a guy with the handle 'doinyourmomma' would chime in on the "I'm gonna bang your girl in the back of my H2" card. There's a category you fit right into. It's called the "arrogant fuck" sector of society. I will simplify this for you. 2.)Any girl worth having is one who knows what an IRRESPONSIBLE choice driving a Hummer is in todays world. PERIOD. You can bang all the superficial sluts in the world and do so knowing that they ARE ONLY banging you because of your money. Global warming may be a crock of shit, I'll even give you that much of an argument because you are so far off track, (laughing really hard) but that doesn't change the fact that we are surging into an oil crisis never before seen and your response to a continually growing number of people who recognize this and continue to search for less fuel dependent vehicles is "I'll bang your mom, you should envy me." You represent the decline of this country which has become so preoccupied with status symbols that the planet we call our home has become the least of your concerns. Hate to break it to you, but you can't argue any of this. Also, your comment in favor of celebrities and athletes who drive these vehicles; they are a part of the same group of people I'm talking about who choose to consume rather than conserve. I guess because Lebron James drives a Hummer that it means it's ok to drive a vehicle that costs 200$ to fill up at the gas station with that NON-RENEWABLE RESOURCE! You are such a follower it's disgusting. 3). I am married so there goes that theory. You have just been owned BITCH!

11:09 AM  
Blogger Julianne said...

to edp3179, good for you. i love your argument and you actually sound intelligent. doinyourmomma is a dumb fuck who will hopefully be removed from the gene pool (in his hummer, hopefully) by the wondeful idiot consuming process of natural selection. doinyourmomma is a disgrace to your gender and is an insecure, rich, unintelligent, moronic, uncaring, earth killing, war supporting, bush loving, redneck, repulican, noncaring, ass fucking, cock sucking, DUMBASS.

thank you 'doinyourmomma' for showing us all how hummer adorers behave (and how nonintelligent and self-righteous they are) so that we can all be further encouraged to put an end to your race. did you even notice that you put C (the option), twice? nice going fucktard. go hang with your pal bush and talk about how the world is all against you and boo hoo. shove it dickwad.

9:50 AM  
Blogger richard said...

Hummers now get up to 15/20 mpg same as any other truck.....find something else to focus on stoners. Also put a sticker like that on someone elses property and you are now the criminal, I had one of these put on my 4cyl jeep in college(didnt work out for the sticker guy) and now if i catch one of you defacing property I will arrest you or maybe find a reason shoot you in the face.....TRY ME!

1:48 PM  
Blogger richard said...

did you know that hummers get the same milage as every other truck now, and even the h1 gets you money off your taxes for being environmentally friendly (diesel/ even biofuel). check your facts hippies!

1:57 PM  
Blogger Clint Slaughter, M.D. said...

You are correct that H3 models get 20 mpg, but H2s are the main model that we Hummer-haters have a problem with - a massive, gas-guzzling vehicle that is neither well suited for severe off-road conditions or family transport and serves no other purpose than supplementing the size of the owner's penis.

As far as your remaining comments, I am appalled that you think that it's appropriate to threaten to shoot someone's face off over a disagreement over environmental issues and vehicle preferences. It's sort of like those who shoot people over your religion - they're called terrorists. Your threats are either consistent with their mentality or demonstrate an incredible amount of immaturity. And I truly hope that you're not representing our noble law enforcement professionals, if so, with your attitude, you're giving them a bad name.

11:07 PM  

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