Monday, July 17, 2006

bachelor party in Vegas. Not eco-friendly but at least CO2 offset

Thanks to Fred, Eric, and Ben for a fantastic Vegas-style bachelor party. Nothing too out of control, no secrets from Laura or anything, but there were a few nights with too many free drinks at the blackjack table. We made it back home, though, and ready to get back to work and resume a little training. I'm offsetting the CO2 produced from my flight with Terrapass, but I can only imagine the CO2 that Vegas produces. Although guitily fun once in a while, Vegas is to me the epitome of American excess and opulence. It's no wonder other countries hate us - that city produces so much waste from consumption and wastes power and water like no other place in the world. Although I don't remember seeing one recycling bin in any casino, at the very least the power is relatively green - I think the Hoover Dam powers that monstrosity.

Anybody up for a recycling project in Vegas?


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