Wednesday, November 08, 2006

California's Voters Make Dissapointing Decisions for the Environment

Well, looking at the results from the elections yesterday, it seems that we've done well to oust Republicans from control of the House and probably the Senate. Hopefully this well incite some change in direction for our country.
We have, however, failed to initiate one of the most important steps that we could have made towards solutions and change for global warming. By defeating Proposition 87, California voters have made the statement that the potential for small changes in their gas prices is more important than saving the planet from certain environmental catastrophe. California voters have chosen larger, less efficient cars, they have chosen to bless the oil companies with larger profits, they have chosen polluting coal-fired power plants over clean options such as wind and solar. The majority of California voters have chosen selfishness over the greater good. How utterly depressing. Despite thousands of our troops already dying in Iraq for a war partially motivated by our oil consumption, we Californians have spoken: Give let the oil companies have more money! We will consume the product that you take from our grounds and waters for free and fill your coffers no matter what the cost to the planet and society, as long as that cost isn't directly from our wallets. Like it or not, that is what we have stated by our votes or lack of voting.
My only hope is that with more education, effort, and time, the people of our country will choose to make a few personal sacrifices in the name of what is right and what is good for humanity. Hopefully it won't take another eye-opening environmental castastrophe like Katrina, another tsunami or the like to convince people. At the rate we're going though, unless we start passing legislation like Prop 87, we will be too late to reverse what we have done and see an environmental and economic upheaval the likes of which the world has never seen.
I encourage everyone to educate themselves using unbiased, scientific data on the state of our climate crisis, do not allow yourselves to be emotionally swayed by corporate fear tactics and make solid, logical decisions for our future.

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