Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A Call for Political Reason - Richard Dreyfuss on Real Time with Bill Maher

Bill Maher had some excellent discussion on his 11.17 show featuring drummer Tom Morello, journalist Dana Priest, actor/professor Richard Dreyfuss as well as Dan Rather and Normal Lear.
Richard Dreyfuss is pretty much brilliant in his discussion of Civics and how important reason, debate and other logical concepts are to politics yet are embarrassingly absent in our country.
"You can actually learn the constancy of curiosity and the constancy of outrage. You can learn that it is OK to keep asking the questions and to be dissenters. And if you are not taught it, you don't know it. But we owe ourselves and the United States that we will pass off to our children. To relearn the tools of logic, reason, clarity, dissent, civility, and debate. And those things are the non-partisan basis of democracy and without them you can kiss this thing goodbye.

All I can say is - "brilliant"

edit - Tom Morello is the the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine, thanks to Gavin from for the correction.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dryfus (sp?) is definetly on point with what he is saying here. Great video. Oh, and Morello was the guitarist for Rage Against the Machine not the drummer. Peace brother!


2:35 PM  

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