Wednesday, March 14, 2007

DuPont Makes Cellulosic Ethanol a Reality?

Inside Greentech posted an article discussing that DuPont, the chemical giant is claiming that they have developed a new method to produce cellulosic ethanol that is more efficient that corn ethanol and maybe even gasoline. They are also moving forward with BP in commercializing biobutanol, which, as I posted months ago, is much more usable than ethanol since, unlike our moonshine-soaked, biofuel-boon-turned-political-power-play friend, it requires no modification to gasoline-powered vehicles and can be stored and transported using available pipelines and infrastructure.
DuPont has already licensed this technology to Broin, a company that is already a leader in U.S. ethanol production. If these claims are true, ethanol could actually become a viable and sustainable biofuel! Throw in some biobutanol, a few million gallons of biodiesel, some fuel efficiency restrictions, and a boatload of public conservation, and we as a nation could actually wean ourselves off of foreign oil and maybe even hold on to some of our own fossil fuel reserves to be used conscientiously for generations to come. Although this knowledge and technology would be much better off in the hands of non-profits or public domains, at least we are seeing research progress being made.
Nice work DuPont, now let's see if you can share like a good little boy.


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