Friday, May 11, 2007

O'Reilly and Fox News call conspiracy theories and 29% of Americans "INSANE"

This week while in Mexico for my cousin's wedding, I was flipping through the channels and settled on one of the few english-speaking ones, which happened to be Fox News with Bill O'Reilly. I never watch Fox News, as it is well documented that they lean to the extreme right and receive "talking points" memos from the White House, which makes it impossible for them to present a fair and unbiased view of political and world events.

I was surprised to see that a section of the show was actually called "Talking Points", which I took to mean that they now recognize that they are spinning the news for the Bush Administration, or they are trying to show contempt for the allegations regarding their loyalties.

The segment was about the increasing credibility of certain conspiracy theories, namely the well supported theory that the Bush administration knew that the tragedy of 9/11 was going to happen and that the did nothing to stop it. The show really disturbed me for a number of reasons. Rather than looking into the theory or any of the evidence that has been presented, O'Reilly simply called 29% of the country "crazy" and "insane" for believing it. The lone Democratic representative held her own and O'Reilly did actually concede that Bush has lost credibility in his dealing with Iraq, especially when confronted with the statistic that greater than 70% of Americans are against the conflict.
What concerns me so much is that this is not only extraordinarily biased reporting, but it is also surprisingly poor journalism for a major news network and amounts to nothing more than right-wing propaganda. With almost 3/4 of Americans against the Iraq war and even after the careful manipulation of media coverage and limiting subsequent investigations, over 1/4 of Americans still believing that our current administration had prior knowledge of the attacks, what would public opinion be if we actually had all of the facts and a proper investigation?
There is more than enough information and evidence to warrant further investigation and the implications of this type of deception by our government is staggering. There have been dozens of articles and books written about this, yet no action has been made and both the Bush Administration and their media lackeys continue to brush off such accusations as "insanity" or "political power plays" without any factual support or explanation. They have played many cards, however, to deflect these types of questions - patriotism, guilt from "not supporting the troops if you don't support the war", name-calling, distraction (i.e.: still no WMDs, no connection between Saddam and 9/11 or OBL, McCain's incredulous "bomb, bomb Iran"), and any other childish, diversionary tactics to avoid actually taking any responsibility for the real-life horrors that they have caused in the name of money, power, and American imperialism.

We must impeach Cheney, impeach Bush, bring our troops home after we have opened diplomatic channels with surrounding nations, asked the help of the U.N. and arranged a cease-fire predicated upon us leaving the region, recognizing that our very presence is a great deal of what is continuing the violence. Iraq, a country whose borders were artificially drawn after WWI, needs to be redefined into separate states where peace can at least have a chance. Instead of paying for bombs and troops, we need to pay for the reconstruction of schools, sanitation, housing, and infrastructure that we destroyed in our quest for oil security.
Truthfully, how can Fox News and our current regime cry that a call for impeachment for lying to and misleading an entire country about a war that has killed thousands of Americans and tens of thousands and Iraqi civilians is a political power play? It seems that not too long ago they cried for Clinton's impeachment for lying about a sexual favor – that didn’t cost any American lives, did it?

Hypocrisy at it's finest and most deadly.

Check out the book "A New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11", one of many well-researched sources of information regarding these issues. This book was included as one of the texts for the 9/11 commission as well.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iraq's borders were drawn up in 1920 by Britain- WWI. Get your history straight!!!

3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iraq's borders were drawn up after world war 1.

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yipes you are scary. I hope I don't have an accident in So Cal and need you. I think I would rather bleed.
Are you really that gullible. Impeach? Ha ! Won't happen. I'd go a little higher with that insane percentage say around 40% from what I can tell. Sad thing is nearly all media figures in the background are suffering from your delusions as well. As to the small gadget problem well, there's always implant surgery available if you can get the g'ment to squeeze you in.

12:56 PM  
Blogger Clint Slaughter, M.D. said...

The good thing for you is, I treat everyone the same in the ER, whether you agree with Bush and his imperialist, money grubbing and corrupt cronies, whether you're a junkie, twisted religious zealot, or a kind, rational person who wants justice and peace for his fellow man. If you're short-sighted enough to enough to think that any media is non-partisan, especially Fox, and that our current administration has ever had the best interests of our citizens or those of the people of Iraq, I can only hope that you'll continue to real and learn and broaden your horizons. There are many ways to interpret information and there is always more to the story, allowing yourself to be spoonfed by any one media outlet is a recipie for disaster.

1:44 PM  

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