Friday, July 06, 2007

Greener Surfboards with Bamboo and Bioplastic at Greenlight Surfboard Supply

Another excellent option has surfaced in the environmentally-friendly surfboard industry - Greenlight Surfboard Supply! They carry a number of alternatives to traditional, toxic surfboard-making supplies including less toxic EPS foam (rather than traditional polyurethane), renewable bamboo stringers and fins, bioplastic leash plugs, fins and fin boxes, and bamboo laminating fabric - they even include a hemp leash cord. They have basically re-thought surfboard production materials and replaced everything they could with eco-friendly options without compromising quality and surfability. The EPS foam isn't perfect, but it is much better than polyurethane, and they are working on bio-resins to replace the traditional ones.

To stay consistent, the company has a "Minimal Waste Philosophy" whereby scraps from their EPS foam blanks are recycled, bamboo dust from their bamboo stringers and fins is reused as an epoxy thickener, shipping is spaced out to reduce fuel use, the office is paperless, they buy their power from wind sources with a plan to add solar and a wind generator to the factory!

Via Brad Groh, R.N.


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