Monday, November 26, 2007

Noon Solar Releases Solar Messenger Bags

While these aren't the first solar backpack/messenger bag offerings, the new offerings from Noon Solar are the most stylish that I've seen so far. They are constructed of "Bavarian sourced, chrome-free, naturally tanned and dyed, full-grain cowhide leather and naturally dyed hemp cotton blend." Sorry for the vegans in the crowd, but Voltaic has a solar backpack and messenger bag offering made of recycled PET as a more eco-friendly but not quite so chic option. Then again, when have I ever been into chic? Both Noon's and Voltaic's designs integrate a battery and charger into the bag, allowing you to charge your various gadgets on the fly with nothing but photons from the skies.
Either would be an expensive but relatively environmentally conscious and useful holiday present!

via Engadget


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