Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Carbon/Source Labels for Products: How Much CO2 Did it Take to Make My Chips?

Michael McCarthy at The Independent posted a commentary discussing a trend towards consumer product labeling that includes a "carbon breakdown", essentially alerting consumers to how much CO2 was emitted in the manufacture of a given product.
This is the start of what I think will lead consumers to responsible purchasing - mostly out of guilt, likely, but this should be beyond just CO2 emissions. We need to institute a product labeling system that includes not only CO2 produced in production and transport of the goods, but fair trade status, working conditions of factories, source material information, and waste disposal information. It seems like a lot of data, but I think that seeing the actual effects of production will force less conscious consumers to begin making more ethical decisions.
That and a nice worldwide Carbon Tax might just stimulate the economic change necessary to pull us out of this mess.

via Treehugger

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