Friday, June 01, 2007

Bush Administration Delays Climate Change Talks by Planning New Ones

On Thursday George Bush called for a series of meetings on climate change and global emissions to begin this fall involving 15 of the greatest greenhouse gas emitting countries. Bush wants to set up long-term goals for greenhouse gas emissions by the end of next year then allow each country to individually determine how they will reach these goals.
Wow, that sounds like an amazing offer Mr. President, you must be really, really concerned about the environment to go to all that trouble to be so generous as to propose a series of meetings on the subject. What an innovator.
Here's the problem - THE MEETINGS HAVE ALREADY BEEN HAPPENING! The U.S. administration has refused to take seriously the U.N. Panel on Climate Change meetings that have already taken place and this announcement comes just a week before the G-8 summit, a major topic of which will be climate change. All this proposal does is allow Bush to have a media hype that he is concerned and has a plan about the environment when in reality he now has an excuse to dismiss the proposals for emissions reductions already authored by all of the other world superpowers. Our administration is simply trying to delay any commitment to action. We are one of two major nations not to have ratified the Kyoto protocols in 1997 and we continue to snub our noses at the remainder of the civilized world in regard to climate change.
This stance is shortsighted, greedy, bullish, childish, and irresponsible. Write your senators and congresspeople urging our country to join the rest of the civilized world in the fight against climate change!
via CNN


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