Sunday, July 15, 2007

Personal Micro-Generator Feeds of Body Vibrations

Steve Beeby, an engineer at the University of Southampton in the UK led a team that has developed a micro generator that converts 30% of environmental kinetic energy into power. The design is based on accelerometers and uses a few magnets that wobble against each other with vibration and motion that generates electricity. The prototype design is a mere 7mm x 7mm x 8.5mm and could be strategically placed in clothing or even implanted to generate power for a variety of low power devices including LED lighting, pacemakers, and eventually phones, music players, and pdas. The potential of this is fantastic - have a few micro-generators, a few batteries, and a few solar cells embedded in your favorite jacket or shirt, and you'll have power for your personal electronics and lighting systems, plus keep your ticker going if you need it!

via engadget, new scientist tech


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